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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I advertise my project on CoinGecko?

As per our Advertising Policy, we currently only accept advertisements from exchanges and projects that are currently listed on CoinGecko. If your project is not listed on CoinGecko yet, do refer to the following guide for adding new tokens and exchanges.

What payment methods are accepted?

CoinGecko accepts ETH, BTC, USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20) or USD Bank Transfer. We do not accept credit card payments.

Can I get a report of my ad performance?

CoinGecko can provide a report of ad performance upon request. Daily or weekly automated email reporting can also be arranged directly from our ad server.

How fast can an ad be served or changed on CoinGecko?

We require 2 working days to serve an ad or to make any ad changes on CoinGecko. That being said, we strive to fulfil all requests as fast as possible and in most situations, we can complete the requests within 12 hours on a weekday.

What are the targeting types?

Geographical location, language and device targeting options are available upon request.

Are there additional costs to target the banner ads for different coins or countries?

We have different pricing tiers for the geo-location and coin targeting. Please submit your inquiry via the form above, our sales representative will reach out to you soon.

How can I publish Sponsored Articles & Press Releases?

CoinGecko does not publish sponsored articles or press releases. We also do not allow for guest post publications.

All advertisers must comply with our Advertising Policy.

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