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Zerion Wallet is an industry-leading smart wallet app built to enable the most active web3 citizens to track and manage their De-Fi and NFT portfolios across 10+ networks and 500+ protocols.

Zerion integrated CoinGecko API to obtain reliable, accurate, and unbiased data, improving customer delight, retention, and lifetime value.

The Story

Zerion is a smart Web3 wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a mobile phone to manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios, supporting hundreds of protocols.
With a relentless focus on user-centered design and a technology stack that aggregates across every major wallet, network, and decentralized exchange, Zerion users get a single point of entry for managing their digital assets.

After a user creates, connects, or imports a wallet, Zerion shows their entire portfolio, across every DeFi position, debt, and reward. Users can see the current asset prices, average cost, fees, and total profit and loss in a few taps.

Users can also trade any crypto asset directly from Zerion Wallet. Zerion’s trading aggregation finds the best price from across 0x, 1inch, major DEXes including Uniswap, market-makers, and other liquidity sources.
Accurate cryptocurrency prices are crucial for Zerion Wallet’s key features.

The Goal: Data Accuracy

Acquiring cryptocurrency asset data as close to exchange-listed price as possible through CoinGecko API.

Zerion wanted to show real-time cryptocurrency prices to create an accurate and reliable application for their end customers. Zerion hoped that using CoinGecko API would create a dependable environment to scale up the business.

CoinGecko Roles

CoinGecko Enterprise API

Over the years, CoinGecko API has listed over 13,000 cryptocurrency assets, creating one of the world’s largest independent sources of reliable cryptocurrency data.

As the world’s largest independent source of reliable cryptocurrency data, our API help developers in building application, research, backtesting, data visualizations, and more.

Pricing Data

Zerion uses CoinGecko API to source the latest crypto asset prices from the API, tracking all the asset prices, pools, and derivatives to be shown on the Zerion wallet application.

Meta Data

CoinGecko API token metadata was used to populate the asset icon, image, and description, improving the quality of data shown by the Zerion Wallet application.

Reliable Data

CoinGecko API has grown to track more than 13,000 cryptocurrency assets from 540+ exchanges, providing Zerion with quality aggregated data the community can rely on. 

The Results

Implementing the CoinGecko API gave Zerion reliable cryptocurrency data they can use to power their application.

Here is what Zerion rated our API service:


Data Accuracy

CoinGecko API aggregates data from over 500 exchanges, providing Zerion with accurate data that their customers will rely on.


Needs Fulfillment

CoinGecko API has more than 40 endpoints and counting such as Crypto asset price and Crypto metadata.


Easy to Use

CoinGecko’s API is easy to use and support is given to ensure client success by achieving their business objectives.

Zerion users track their crypto portfolio across different wallets, blockchains, and DeFi protocols. CoinGecko API powers up our product by providing accurate and reliable prices for thousands of assets.
Andrey Balyasnikov
Head of Product at Zerion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zerion is a smart wallet and investing tool that lets anyone manage their whole DeFi and NFT portfolio. After connecting any non-custodial wallet, Zerion gives a full portfolio view, including P&L for each asset and a human-readable transaction history. With Zerion Wallet you can also easily create new addresses and sign any transaction on the go.

Zerion Wallet is a non-custodial wallet for Ethereum and other EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchains and Layer-2 networks like Arbitrum and Optimism. Zerion Wallets lets you trade on DEXes and securely sign any transaction on mobile or desktop.

Zerion web app can also be used with any existing non-custodial wallet such as MetaMask. By connecting different wallets to Zerion, you can get a unified portfolio view across all your wallets, dapps, and networks. From there, you can trade with Zerion’s DEX aggregation and move assets between networks with Zerion’s bridge aggregation.

It’s very easy to get started with Zerion:
Download the app for  iOS or Android
Create a new wallet or import an existing one via a seed phrase
Now you can track and manage your on-chain portfolio

Yes! Zerion’s trading aggregation can find you the best price across 0x, 1inch, and all major DEXes and market-makers. Zerion also takes into account gas costs and existing approvals. Finally, Zerion can also swap complex DeFi tokens such as LP tokens or Aave aTokens, helping you save on gas. Zerion charges a small fee, which is waived for holders of Zerion Genesis NFTs.

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