Case Studies

CoinGecko’s trusted dataset is part of the backbone that powers Web3 and beyond. 
Learn how forward-thinking industries adopt CoinGecko’s API as the #1 resource for real-time cryptoassets data.

Pioneering blockchain security firm, CertiK, enhanced its Web3 security leaderboard with CoinGecko’s API to provide users the data to deep dive into reports for projects that have been audited. 

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FanMarketCap is a data aggregation platform for the Fan Token ecosystem pioneered by Chiliz & Socios. Learn how the CoinGecko’s API helps empower the users of its platform.

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Web3 explorer is a social web-3 explorer.  To function as an “all-in-one” platform for DeFi users, Zapper leverages on CoinGecko’s API to access pricing information for 13,000+ cryptoassets.

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Industry-leading smart wallet, Zerion, enables the Web3 citizens to track and manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios across 10+ networks and 500+ protocols. Find out how CoinGecko’s API helps Zerion scale up its business.

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CoinGecko Crypto Data API Plans

From hobbyist to large scale enterprise projects, we’ve got you covered with crypto data sourced by the world’s largest independent crypto data aggregator,


Charting Historical Crypto Prices on Google Sheet using CoinGecko API

Hello there! Have you ever wondered how you can create fancy cryptocurrency price charts without any coding experience? Fret not, by following this guide you

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Import CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Data into Microsoft Excel

Did you know that you are able to extract data from API into Microsoft Excel using the in-built Power Query feature? CoinGecko’s API is completely

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Import CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Data into Google Sheets

With over 13,000 cryptocurrencies tracked across 500 exchanges worldwide, CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent crypto data aggregator on a mission to democratize access to cryptocurrency data.

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